Under The Scope | Movie Review: The Hateful Eight (70mm Roadshow)

Cowboys and Quentin. That’s a combo we can all get behind. And that’s exactly what you’ll do when you see Mr. Tarantino’s latest opus, The Hateful Eight.

In this post Civil War drama, Kurt Russell, Sam Jackson, and Jennifer Jason Leigh play a group of mean folk willing to do mean things to each other. Trust me, any more description would not do this tense, smartly-written film justice.

That being said, what do Jared and Shane think of this picture? And does the 70mm presentation add anything to the mix? Is it possible your Scope hosts give The Hateful Eight an unprecedented eight Scope stars? Why don’t you listen to, or even better, watch their on the road review and find out?

The Scope The Hateful Eight review is not as long as the film.

3 ½ Stars – The Hateful Eight

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