Episode 20: The Only 2006 Year in Review you need to listen to

Our longest episode ever! Seriously. Like 2 hours. Plus another 2 minutes and 8 seconds. It’s crazy. But also the best one yet. Al stops in to talk music.

Scope Sounds: “Buy Us a Drink” – The Argyle Pimps

Gerald Ford, Dead
James Brown, Dead
Earl’s car, Dead

2006 Year in Review

Best Public Display of Genitalia
Runner Up: Jackass 2
Runner Up: Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan
Winner: Borat!

Best Imitation of Waking From a Coma
Runner Up: The OC Season 4
Runner Up:Nintendo
Winner: Rocky Balboa

Best TV Show Jared didn’t get to finish because of the Internet Police
Runner Up: Deadwood
Winner: Entourage

Best Race War
Runner Up: Mel Gibson and the Sugar Tits
Runner Up: Survivor, The CooKKK Islands
Winner: Kramer gets racist

Biggest Hype, Biggest Letdown
Runner Up: Snakes on a Plane
Runner Up: Kid Rock and Pam Anderson’s get married then divorced.
Winner: Sony PS3

Best Movie We Haven’t Seen Yet
Runner Up: Babel
Runner Up: Half Nelson
Winner: Children of Men
Winner: Pan’s Labyrinth

Best Sony F-up
Runner Up: PSP “Marketing”
Runner Up: Sony’s Rootkit fiasco
Winner: The PS3

Best Raping of Earl’s Childhood
Runner Up: Mobb Deep’s Phantom of the Paradise video
Runner Up: Superman Returns
Winner: Transformers: The Movie

Album That Grew on you: Sam’s Town by The Killers

Album You Forgot to Listen to: The Information by Beck

Artists You Wish Would Go Away
Runner Up: Fergie
Runner Up: Gwen Stefani
Winner: The Frey and their ilk

Most Overrated of 2006: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Best Song: Phantom Limb by The Shins

Best Album: Eyes Open by Snow Patrol

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Episode 19: The 2006 Holiday Spectacular!

That’s right, this show is all about the Holidays. Christmas Miracles, Hanukkah Bushes, and Kwanzaa… things.

Scope Sounds: “Do You See What I See?” – The Nick Atoms

The Class – 1 Star

Billy Idol – Happy Holidays – 3/4 Stars
Twisted Sister – Twisted Christmas – 2 1/4 Stars

A video game related death!
A video game related MLB injury!
A video game related viral marketing campaign! And here it is, the video!
Video game related television destruction!
Girls Gone Wild dude sentenced to community service.
Awesomest story ever. Includes World’s Tallest man and Dolphins.

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Episode 18: The Beastie Boys will make songs about this one

No more game shows, live studio audiences, or in studio guests for us this week. Instead we talk all about Chicks, man.

Scope Sounds: “See The Sun” – Black Lab

Girlfriends – 0 Stars

Comic “Preacher” coming soon to an HBO near you.
We continue to shill for the PS3!
Microsoft’s Zune not… zuning?
Heather “Yoko 2” Mills getting death threats.
“Kramer” is actually just a character’s name.
Muslim Congressman to use the Koran when getting sworn in. R Tards freak out.

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Episode 17: Trivia Finale

We conlude our very first Scope World Series of Pop-Culture Trivia, which is a good thing since I think we were running low on team names. Borat is reviewed, and Shane’s favorite show is chosen for next week’s Random Review.

Scope Sounds: “It’s Over” – The Fire Apes

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan – 3 3/4 Stars

Real life gangsta’s jack kids for Plizay-Station 3.
$100 360 (Core System) on Black Friday?!
House saves Borat, Becker being sought as a Person of Interest

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Episode 16: More Trivia, Less Earl

We continue with the opening round of The Scope World Series of Pop Culture. Clever team name abound this time, with one referring to bodily fluid, and the other to a beloved children’s movie.

Scope Sounds: “I Stand For Nothing” – The Ropes

Two and a Half Men – 2 1/2 Stars

Congrats to whoever had Neil Patrick Harris in the “Gay Pool”.
Brian Singer and Brandon Routh will return in the next Superman movie.

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Episode 15: You’ve never seen anyone rip off VH1 like this before.

The Scope World Series of Pop-Culture premieres! Earl returns! Jared continues to use the show to promote his side project!

Scope Sounds: “Mandom” – The G. Wildens

Law and Order: SVU – 1 1/2 Stars

Say it ain’t so. A video game movie with a ballooning budget is losing financial backing!
Apparently Video games + Girls showing cleavage doesn’t equal ratings?

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Episode 14: Shane regrets signing up for the Congressional Page Program

Less boob discussion this week, but we do talk to Shane’s dad, Master P, about his recent deployment to the Middle East. Also, we try out a new review format with pretty hilarious results (if you get bored, fast forward to the 62nd minute).

Scope Sounds: “Arianna” – Second Saturday
Barenaked Ladies – Are Me – 1 1/4 Star
Scissor Sisters – Ta-Dah – 2 1/2 Stars
The Killers – Sam’s Town – 2 3/4 Stars

Heroes – 3 Stars

“Smith” and “Kidnapped”, is “Happy Hour” next?
Iron Man casting

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Episode 13: We teach you how to be cool

In this episode, we talk about boobs, Jared becomes famous, and share some of our favorite movie and music picks from the past.

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Scope Sounds: “Earn Hollywood Earn” – Possible Oscar

Survivor: Cook Islands – 2 1/4 Stars

Scope Discoveries!




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Episode 12: Bizarro Scope

Our very own Tony Partington stops by the studio to tell us all about his life… and his run in with Mork (the one from Ork).

Plus, stay tuned for details about the search for a bass player for Jared’s band!

Show Links

Scope Sounds: “Think About Me” – Munk

I’d Buy That For a Dollar!
The Capes – Carly (Goddess of Death)
Ohmega Watts – The Sound
Death Cab for Cutie – This Charming Man

Celebrity Duets – Shane: 1 1/2 Star, Jared: 3 Stars

I want to see a CGI Kirk damn it.

Movies, on teh intarnets?!

Sony continues to try very hard to make the PS3 the winner of Best Vaporware for 2006.

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Episode 11: The One with the Fall TV Preview

If you were bored with Shane’s vacation story from episode 10, be prepared to fall asleep to Shane’s wedding stories! And Earl stops by because Adam hasn’t been yelling enough lately.

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Scope Sounds: “Noodles With Teeth” – Jenny’s Midnight Screamatorium
Scope Sounds: “Snakes on a Plane” – Dabney Ruggerto

Bees on a Plane. No, really.
Insert Tom Cruise/Snakes reference here.

TV Shows
Prison Break, Season 2 premiere – 2 3/4 Stars

Snakes on a Plane – 2 1/4 Stars

Fall TV Contest
We’ve made our picks for “First New Show to be Cancelled”. Who will win the huge cash prize?

Adam: Day Break
Jared: Knights of Prosperity
Shane: Happy Hour

Yes, Adam realizes he’s an idiot, and “Day Break” does not go up against Lost, it replaces it during hiatus.

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