Weekly Tweets for 2009-08-02

  • Great deal: Street Fighter IV for X360 $19.99 at GameStop. http://bit.ly/s6WCk #fb #
  • J: TwitteReview: Entourage S4: Funny, but the formula is wearing thin. Characters lack depth. Ari yells…a lot. ??¾ http://bit.ly/XHwei #fb #
  • J: TwitteReview: Party Down: Brilliantly cast. Razor-sharp humor. Can’t wait for the next season.???½ http://bit.ly/4oG3JW #fb #

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Weekly Tweets for 2009-07-26

  • The web site is down at the moment. Investigation commencing. Stay tuned for updates. #fb #
  • Site is back up. It’s slow at the moment. Be patient. #fb #
  • J: Shane and I will be on Zero Hour with @johnnorton this evening. #scope #fb #
  • @asitnick Are you in town? If so, come by around 7:30. in reply to asitnick #
  • @asitnick Or let us know if you want to be on Skype with us. in reply to asitnick #
  • We’re in a holding pattern with @johnnorton. Waiting for Zero Hour to begin. Talking about the future which looks bright. Gotta wear shades. #
  • Adam loves Zero Hour more than The Scope. It’s true. #fb #
  • RT: @JohnNorton: Zero Hour 10: Crotch-Grabbing Rage with myself, @shaanep, @budsharpe, and @asitnick is now up! http://bit.ly/MAaUa #fb #

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Weekly Tweets for 2009-07-19

  • Game-changing news: The Scope records one day earlier than usual this cycle. And it will be a more intimate show than usual. WOW! #fb #
  • J: It’s almost go time for us to record The Scope 77. We record on Friday, yet we make you wait until Monday to hear it. Jerks. #scope #fb #
  • J: Is villianized a word? #scope #fb #

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Weekly Tweets for 2009-07-12

  • J: I’m waiting for my remote batteries to recharge so I can watch The Tudors while downloading and assembling messages for The Scop.. #fb #
  • J: Wow! Only 57 messages to sort through for content. This could take a while. #scope #fb #
  • While I am excited to see Green Day this weekend, why couldn’t Franz F. or KAISER CHIEFS be the opener? The Bravery = not my thing. #fb #
  • J: I really wish I could include in The Scope #cvg2009 special some of the stuff that recorded after Earl thought he hung up the ph.. #fb #
  • J: I’m *this* close to outputting an MP3 file for @thescopeshow’s CONvergence episode. I hope it doesn’t suck. #scope #cvg2009 #fb #

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Weekly Tweets for 2009-07-05

  • Now that we’ve gotten Transformers out of the way, GIJoe is next on the list of destroying Hasbro franchises. Next: My Little Pony. #fb #
  • TF2 falls short of 5-day box office record. Shane and Jared credited for failure by taking The Spielbay Challenge. http://bit.ly/9DKxk #fb #
  • #cvg2009 is almost here! Look for posters at the con for instructions on how you can participate in The Scope’s CONvergence coverage. #fb #
  • @kevthuhu The codpieces we ordered ended up being too small, so sadly, no. #cvg2009 in reply to kevthuhu #
  • J: The Scope Instant Poll: Can you use the word YouTube as a verb? Sound off! #scope #fb #
  • Everyone send a prayer out to @budsharpe. He’s going to have a ton of fun constructing a new Scope show from all the voicemail calls. #fb #

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