Al’s Top 40 of 2009: #20-#11

I hope we’ve all been taking notes.  There will be a quiz.  If you’ve been absent, you can fill in your worksheet with these answers:

20) “Black Magic” by Magic Wands

19) “A Whole Lot Better” by Brendan Benson

18) “The Reeling” by Passion Pit

17) “Heartbeat Radio” by Sondre Lerche

16) “How You Like Me Now” by The Heavy

15) “Think I Need It Too” by Echo & The Bunnymen

14) “Blood Bank” by Bon Iver

13) “One Wing” by Wilco

12) “Trouble Weights A Ton” by Dan Auerbach

11) “Beginner’s Luck” by The Eels

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Holiday Greetings from your pals at The Scope

Your Scope hosts want to take a quick moment from the buckets of eggnog and mountains of candy canes to wish everyone out there the best this holiday season. No matter what you celebrate, we hope it is full of fun, festivities, and time spent with family and friends.

Yes, even Adam is in on this one.

Stay safe, have a great time, and prepare yourself for The Scope New Year’s Eve Special. We’re not quite sure when we’re recording it…but we’ll let you know when we come up with a date and time.

Peace out!

J, A, and S

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The Scope on Zero Hour… Again

Can’t wait for our return on New Year’s Eve? Then check out our appearance on Hour 20 of Zero Hour with John Norton. Yes, even Adam makes an appearance. This episode covers the NFL, Tiger Woods, Shane’s Ordeal, Jersey Shore, Steven Seagal: Lawman, Headlines, Top 5 Films, TV Shows, and World of Warcraft Moments of the Past Decade.

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The Scope To Make Triumphant Return

That’s right, we’re coming back! The Scope is scheduled to return to regular production in 2010. Our return will be marked by our fourth annual New Year’s Eve special. Have you listened to our past New Year’s Eve specials? They’re usually a mess but quite entertaining. Expect more of the same.

We’re still nailing down the details for what we’ll cover in this episode, but we know for sure that we want to include our valued listeners in the show. You can call into the voicemail line at 646-495-9201 x70055 and leave a special message for the new year. We’ll play the best of your messages on the show, so put forth your best effort.

That’s the deal. We’re looking forward to entertaining you in 2010.

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Al’s Top 40 of 2009: #30-#21

We are at the halfway mark of counting down Al’s favorite tunes of 2009 on The Scope Facebook page.  Here is a recap of the second quarter of songs:

30) “Loaded” by The Idle Hands

29) “I Wonder Who We Are” by The Clientele

28) “Drown In The Now” by Crystal Method featuring Matisyahu

27) “Last One to Die” by Rancid

26) “Don’t Haunt This Place” by The Rural Alberta Advantage

25) “Twilight Omens” by Franz Ferdinand

24) “I Know What I Am” by Band of Skulls

23) “Never Forget You” by Noisettes

22) “No Wedding Cake” by Fol Chen

21) “So Far Around the Bend” by The National

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Al’s Top 40 of 2009: #40-#31

If you have not been following Al’s Top 40 of 2009 on Facebook, here is what you have missed:

40) “Teen Beast” by Los Straitjackets

39) “Show Me How This Thing Works” by Cracker

38) “Fitz and the Dizzyspells” by Andrew Bird

37) “The Great Defector” by Bell X1

36) “Smoke Bros” by Amazing Baby

35) “Complicated Shadows” by Elvis Costello

34) “Sugarfoot” by Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears

33) “The Calculation” by Regina Spektor

32) “The Box” by 1990s

31) “Roman History” by Pet Lions

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Al’s Top 40 of 2009 Coming Soon to The Scope Show

No, Al has not hi-jacked The Scope Show from Jared, Adam, and Shane.  He is simply here to take part in everyone’s favorite December past time- making lists.  We will discuss and debate some of the tunes we heard during 2009.  You can tell Al that all his music sucks and remind him that we are not in the 1990’s anymore when some nostalgic bands make his list of 40 over the uber-cool trendy bands that you like (don’t worry Candlebox and Ugly Kid Joe didn’t crack the list this year).

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The Scope Taking a Brief Break

Sometimes life throws you lemons, so while we make lemonade — in order to mix it with some Jack Daniels, of course — we’ll be going on a brief hiatus. This break will delay our next episode, originally scheduled to record this weekend. We don’t have a firm date for our return, but it shouldn’t be too long.

Thank you for your patience, and thanks for listening.

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Episode 82: Thorbjoern Jagland wants to kick drum your heart

Episode 82 of The Scope comes at you with a distinct lack of Adam but makes up for it with a brand-new (ripped off from Entertainment Weekly) bit. And to show we really do care, our lone music review comes directly from fan request.  But we worry because he probably expected a typical Scope score of three stars. Will our petulant behavior erode our fan base by 29.47%? Hopefully, our focus on sports and G.I.Joe comic history will dull the blow.

Episode 82 can fully support The Beatles. (That’s what happens when Adam doesn’t show up.)


2 ¼ Stars – I and Love and YouThe Avett Brothers

Scope Sounds:
“1901” – Phoenix

Phone: 646-495-9201 x 70055

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Episode 81: We Have No Catch Phrases or Funny Lines

In homage to the new ABC show, FlashForward, we blackout for one hour and thirty-seven minutes. That means we have no idea what happened during episode 81 of The Scope. But it’s a good possibility the show covers the second part of the North Shore Trivia Contest of ’09, the aforementioned FlashForward, and maybe some healthcare talk. Why?  We’re socially-conscious, even while passed out.

Finally, because you were wondering, we did see our futures in the blackout. And you know what? In six months, we’ll all be watching season seven of the now-classic sitcom, Girlfriends, on DVD. Very sad. Very true.

3 Stars – FlashForward – ABC Thursday 8/7c

Scope Sounds:
“The Way You Talk” – Schaffer The Darklord

Phone: 646-495-9201 x 70055

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