About Us

The Scope is the pop culture podcast with a geeky twist. Each show is centered around the lives of Adam, Jared, and Shane. These three have created a show where they discuss everything from the latest Xbox 360 games, to the insanity that is Oprah, with stops in politics, comic books, pop-culture, and whatever Adam is complaining about that week.

The Scope podcast is updated bi-weekly. We encourage fans, enemies, and general hangers-on to tell us what they think of the show by commenting to posts. Also, we’re complete attention whores, so if you want to link to us, please do. We’ll return the favor and add you to our public links list.

Your Hosts

Shane is the Scope big mouth. He talks a lot, then a little more, then a little more after that. Luckily, listeners haven’t grown tired of his chatterboxing ways yet. But until then, he’ll continue to spout off about all the things that interest him: the latest and greatest TV shows and movies, old 80s cartoons and culture, and anything else that might fill an extra 20 minutes of the show. Oh, if you’re lucky, you just might catch him perform just a little bit of his spot-on imitation of kid game show legend, Mark Summers. Isn’t that worth it in the end?

Adam adds the sarcastic spice to The Scope melting pot. He isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, and how he likes it. But let’s be fair; Adam may be opinionated, but he’s not a complete geek elitist. Adam will freely admit he likes both World of Warcraft and The O.C., and make absolutely no apologies for it. Beyond Adam’s fantastic contributions to The Scope, he’s also known to play poker, drink, “cheer” on the Washington Redskins, drink, stalk women he meets on MySpace, and, of course, drink. He’s the perfect example of a perfect Scope host.

Jared is truly the Scope jack-of-all-trades. Not only does he add his voice to each and every show, but he also single-handedly takes on every technical aspect of the program as well as creates all of the music and sounds you hear on The Scope. Plainly speaking, if you hear it, Jared had something to do with it. While it may seem like Jared dedicates his entire waking life to putting on this little podcast, he still finds time to record, perform, and produce music for himself and others, all in a professional manner.

Your Announcer

Tony is, quite simply, the ultimate triple threat. He can sing, act, and most importantly, he is the announcer for The Scope. Tony’s long and storied career has included appearances in Dead Poets Society with Robin Williams, TV’s Unsolved Mysteries, and stage performances of The Fantasticks and A Tenor on Broadway. When he’s not providing velvety-smooth voiceovers for The Scope, you can find Tony wooing the women of the world (or at least his wife) with his angelic operatic singing voice.

Featured Guests

Special Scope Correspondent Al won’t rest until he knows everything in the world of new music and shares it with the rest of The Scope audience. His informed opinion has given numerous Scope shows just a little more pop and panache, and his “I’d Buy That For a Dollar” segment can be heard on The Scope on a regular basis. Even though Al likes fantasy baseball and copious amounts of brandy, his impact on the show will continue to grow in the coming months.

Often called the “unofficial fourth host of The Scope”, frequent guest Earl brings a unique world viewpoint every time he makes an appearance on the show. Earl’s tastes are varied; he can’t get enough of 70s Regional Cinema, a Brian DePalma flick called Phantom of the Paradise, and meat. If you happen to find yourself debating with Earl over his hatred of Tim Burton’s Batman, the 2007 Transformers live-action movie, or George Lucas; constant tinkering with the original Star Wars films, be careful. Earl will battle you to the death, and probably win.

John, the skinniest Scope regular, brings his crazy sensibilities every time he bellies up to a mic and starts gabbing. Between his vast knowledge of all things in the world of nerdy pop culture and his knack for creating kick-ass music, John is a rarity in this modern world: a geek with depth. Although John isn’t on the Scope every episode (because that might be a little too much), his appearances make a tremendous impact each and every time he shows up.