Under The Scope | Movie Review: Spectre

The world’s sexiest male spy is back and he’s ready to take care of business. (And, no, we’re not talking about Scope show host Adam.)

Yes, because the masses demanded it, James Bond is back in his 431st movie (we did that research without even Googling) titled, Spectre.

In this latest adventure, Daniel Craig’s James Bond is trying to suss out a shadowy organization determined to ruin his day. (Not to mention ruining the day of anyone who hasn’t seen any of the other Craig Bond films. These all tie together, baby.)

So your pals, Jared and Shane, definitely not super spies, take on the task of reviewing the first big budget blockbuster of the Fall/Winter season. Will the guys declare it “Double Oh Awesome” or will they think the movie is just “James Blah?” Feel free to check out the latest and greatest Scope movie review and find out!

The Scope Spectre review is confused with the letter “e” being at the end. Oh so British.

1 Stars – Spectre

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