Instant Movie Review: Saving Mr. Banks

The Scope’s latest entry in our vast library of film reviews is Saving Mr. Banks, a story that tells the “true” tale of how Mary Poppins became a big hit movie for Walt Disney and his cartoon mouse empire.

Saving Mr. Banks has a terrific pedigree (it stars Emma Thompson and Sir Thomas Hanks as Walt himself) but can it overcome sentimentality, alterations to the real story of P. L. Travers’ dislike of the Disney Machine, and Colin Farrell playing a nutty, drunky, outbacky turn of the century dad?

Why don’t you download, listen, and watch Jared and Shane tell you what’s what?

The Scope Saving Mr. Banks instant review needs at least two spoonfuls of sugar (and a beer chaser) to help the medicine go down.

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2 ½ Stars – Saving Mr. Banks

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