Weekly Tweets for 2009-07-05

  • Now that we’ve gotten Transformers out of the way, GIJoe is next on the list of destroying Hasbro franchises. Next: My Little Pony. #fb #
  • TF2 falls short of 5-day box office record. Shane and Jared credited for failure by taking The Spielbay Challenge. http://bit.ly/9DKxk #fb #
  • #cvg2009 is almost here! Look for posters at the con for instructions on how you can participate in The Scope’s CONvergence coverage. #fb #
  • @kevthuhu The codpieces we ordered ended up being too small, so sadly, no. #cvg2009 in reply to kevthuhu #
  • J: The Scope Instant Poll: Can you use the word YouTube as a verb? Sound off! #scope #fb #
  • Everyone send a prayer out to @budsharpe. He’s going to have a ton of fun constructing a new Scope show from all the voicemail calls. #fb #

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