Al’s Top 40 of 2009: #30-#21

We are at the halfway mark of counting down Al’s favorite tunes of 2009 on The Scope Facebook page.  Here is a recap of the second quarter of songs:

30) “Loaded” by The Idle Hands

29) “I Wonder Who We Are” by The Clientele

28) “Drown In The Now” by Crystal Method featuring Matisyahu

27) “Last One to Die” by Rancid

26) “Don’t Haunt This Place” by The Rural Alberta Advantage

25) “Twilight Omens” by Franz Ferdinand

24) “I Know What I Am” by Band of Skulls

23) “Never Forget You” by Noisettes

22) “No Wedding Cake” by Fol Chen

21) “So Far Around the Bend” by The National

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