Production Diary, Part II: Up and Adam!

Contrary to popular belief, getting the third part of the triumvirate that would soon form The Scope wasn’t really all that difficult. Some would say it was a matter of workplace serendipity.

At his place of employment, Shane often talked to fellow covert nerd, Adam. Okay, not so covert- they both were the only guys in the office with toys covering every square inch of available desk space. However, they liked to think that people didn’t notice but they did. It goes without saying those people laughed at Adam and Shane and they probably still do. (tear)

Most days they would pass the time exchanging sarcastic remarks about TV shows, the latest movie releases, comics, and all the various internet videos that probably weren’t all that work-appropriate. Over time, they became decent enough office friends that Shane invited Adam to the Birthday Spectacular of 2005® (Adam wore a fantastic Gallagher costume- don’t ask!) and kept him filled in on other stuff- including upcoming events such as Baby P’s doctor appointments (Adam was thrilled) and other endeavors like the podcast.

After a few weeks of bothering Adam with podcast detail after podcast detail, it seemed obvious that Adam might make a decent addition to the show. He had the wit, he had the sarcasm, and he had the abs. Never mind the fact the show consisted of nothing more than a few stupid comedy ideas and immensely lofty expectations. Still, Shane asked Adam if he was interested in joining the crew (Adam was down with it) and he asked Jared if it was okay to invite some guy he had met once before into the mix (Jared, in a moment of temporary weakness, agreed!)

After the contracts were signed and the lawyers approved, The Scope had its three hosts. However, the easy part was over. Now these brave warriors had to craft the show framework, figure out the technology, and just try to meet in the same place at the same time. It wouldn’t be easy, but nothing good ever is.

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