Production Diary, Episode V: Odds and Ends

The time for talking was over. Doing became the number one priority.

The last few weeks before Episode I of The Scope was to be recorded were filled with just about every pre-production task imaginable. The studio space was reorganized and refurnished, individual bumpers, bits, and sound effects had to be polished (and started, in many cases), and the blueprint for the first show needed to be locked down. It was (and is) a busy but productive time.

Directly in the middle of this Super Storm of comedic activity, Adam and his supremely funny friend, Jess, took the The Scope out of the studio for the first “on-location” recording session. Armed only with wit, a microphone, and a list of questionable questions, these two brave souls traveled to a local Sci-Fi convention to find out what made the attendees tick. Without giving anything away, the results of this session will be revealed in the very first podcast. You’ve been warned.

And so ends the Production Diary. There’s just not that much more to say about the process. Now, like it or not, all that’s left is to is record that first show. Expect a bit of funny, a bit of experimentation, and a smidge of complete terror. These guys aren’t professionals. Hell, they’re barely amateurs. But that’s what makes it fun. Like watching a car crash fun.

To our listener: The first episode of The Scope will be available April 10, 2006.

We now return to our regularly-scheduled postings.

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