Production Diary, Episode IV: The End of the Beginning

Things were finally starting to come together. The guys were cataloging Scope idea at a rapid pace. The basic framework of the show was being established, and the three hosts even made some time to practice on real mics in the subterranean studio that would be Scope Central. Yes, things were coming together…except for one thing. The Scope needed The Voice.

Everyone knows that all awesome talk shows have an announcer. Someone to anchor the production, to give it weight and respectability. A great announcer helps bind a show together and brings continuity. Unfortunately, The Scope was lacking that continuity…until Tony entered the picture.

Flashback to a year prior to The Scope…Shane’s fantastic and utterly beautiful wife would often come home after a hard day’s work and tell stories of one particular employee. She said this employee would talk about some of his previous jobs…jobs like professional opera singer, actor, radio show host, and voiceover artist. He always had a story to tell and those stories were more often than not quite interesting. Oh, and his name was Tony.


Shane immediately thought this guy might be the perfect fit for the open announcer position. He had the skills, he had the stories, and he had the reputation. To make a long story slightly shorter, Tony accepted the invitation to become The Voice.

A few days later, Tony visited the studio to record a few lines- mostly for The Scope show introduction. Needless to say, the whole experience was a complete success. Tony nailed the lines, made them his own, and really impressed the Dawg Pound (thanks, Randy Jackson!)

With The Voice on board, The Scope was even closer to being a reality. Really, the more people involved in a project like this, the harder it is to quit without looking like a total idiot. So Adam, Jared, and Shane pressed on. However, there were many things left to to do in pre-production: bits had to be recorded, ideas needed to be solidified, and more practice time should be scheduled. Could this laundry list of tasks be crossed off before the scheduled taping of the first show arrived?

Find out in The Scope Production Diary Episode V: Odds and Ends…

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