The Scope Puts Its Mark on CONvergence. Again.

Mike_scopecardOnce again — although in a much more subdued capacity — your Scope hosts (sans Adam, because he’s far too good for costumes, Dr. Who, and the combined smell of B.O. and nacho cheese sauce) crashed the festival known as CONvergence. For those of you that don’t remember, CONvergence is the largest sci-fi and fantasy convention in Minnesota. It’s quite a big to-do in the world of Midwestern geekdom, so we were happy to attend. To make things even more interesting, Jared’s band, Possible Oscar, performed a great set and had an equally great response. Along with semi-frequent Scope guest, John, Jared played a number of songs found on his album, The Wrath of Con, and premiered a new parody based on a U2 classic. Look for it on The FuMP July 13.

CONvergence wasn’t all business, however. There were obnoxious amounts of liquor (see picture of our good friend, Mike and his run-in with Scope marketing), Stormtrooper costumes, and G.I. Joe chest hair (thanks, Earl!… Thearl). And it is all documented in a sweet collection of photos. Take a look, and we’ll talk more about our nutty CONvergence experiences on the next episode of The Scope.

Did I miss the parade?

I swear the brown note is here somewhere…

I finally found that Stormtrooper figure I was looking for!

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2 Comments on “The Scope Puts Its Mark on CONvergence. Again.”
  1. Brian said:
    July 11th, 2007 11:58 PM

    The other Stormtrooper roaming around was much better looking than the guy next to Shane. Not that it would matter in this instance–just a random observation.

  2. Nicky said:
    July 12th, 2007 11:00 AM

    Remind me to never get that drunk around you all??
    Nice pictures and it was fun to see you guys:)