The first ever Scope Madness is coming…and we need YOUR help!

Hey, Scope Superfans!

We’re in the middle of planning a grand event and we REALLY need our listeners to help us out to make this thing work.

We’re calling it, simply enough, Scope Madness (in honor of the upcoming NCAA March Madness tourney.) That being said, there will be no basketball or athletics of any kind attached to this event. Frankly, we’d be lucky if we could throw the ball up high enough to even hit the rim.

This tournament revolves around the greatest popular music ever produced…and this is where you, our faithful listeners, come into play.

We’d like each and every one of you to think about your favorite songs of all time. Once you’ve done that, send us your list consisting of:

1. Your favorite song of the 2000s.
2. Your favorite song of the 1990s.
3. Your favorite song of the 1980s.
4. Your favorite song released prior to 1980
(that’s 1979 and older for those of you that don’t understand.)

If you want to send more than one selection, please feel free. The more songs we get, the better Scope Madness will be!

Once we get all of your selections, we’ll place the music into brackets and through healthy debate, ridicule, and taunting, whittle the list down to one ultimate song. Trust us, it’ll be amazing. Or maybe just a great way to fill up a show.

So please, start thinking about your favorite songs. And get your list back to the Scope via facebook, our website,, or our voicemail line (646-495-9201 x 70055.)

We’ll be accepting submissions until at least March 20, 2010. But we’ll keep you posted if that changes.

Thanks for your support and help, Scope fans!

Hugs and kisses,
The Scope Triumvirate
(Jared, Adam, and Shane)

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2 Comments on “The first ever Scope Madness is coming…and we need YOUR help!”
  1. Katie said:
    March 7th, 2010 1:52 AM

    Do you guys know how hard it is to pick only ONE song!? Sorry, I just couldn’t do it. I DID, however, manage to narrow it down to just two for the 80s and 00s (oughts?). But the 90s proved too difficult. Sheesh, my musical tastes were all over the place that decade…I almost put a Garth Brooks song on the list. Ack! >.<

    'Mr. Brightside' by The Killers (2004)
    'Grace Kelly' by Mika (2007)

    '(Everything I Do) I Do It For You' by Bryan Adams (1991)
    'Joyride' by Roxette (1991)
    'November Rain' by Guns 'N Roses (1992)
    'Ordinary World' by Duran Duran (1993)
    'In the Garage' by Weezer (1994)
    'Semi-Charmed Life' by Third Eye Blind (1997)

    'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' by U2 (1987)
    'These Dreams' by Heart (1986)

    Before 1980:
    'In The Still Of The Nite' by Five Satins (1956)
    'Annie's Song' by John Denver (1974)

  2. G said:
    March 24th, 2010 10:21 PM

    I want to judge!