Scope News Alert: It’s a Good News Bad News Kind of Thing

Attention all Scopeamaniacs!

We know you can’t get enough of our Scope antics, so we graciously accepted Scope-friend John Norton’s invitation to participate in the latest episode of “Zero Hour with John Norton.” Find out if we can figure out non-typical areas for comb-overs. Find out if Adam actually makes an effort to appear on someone else’s podcast over his own. And find out if John Norton can masterfully edit down the ramblings of three crazy Minnesotans. Personally, we hope he can. What are you waiting for? Start listening now.

Also, it is that time of year again when summer impacts our schedule. That means we won’t be recording a new show next week. We’ll be sure to let you know when episode 78 is on the docket.

Thanks for listening. From our hearts to yours. Thump thump thump….

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