Are you new to the show? Do you love our radio voices?

Well, you’re in luck, virgin listener(s)!

We here at The Scope know it’s really hard to go back and listen to every single episode just to absorb the six or seven hundred fantastic comedic moments scattered throughout.

So, for your podcasting convenience, here are a couple of show suggestions that just might float your boat.

Check out episodes 6 and 25 and a Scopeclusive game: “Hit the Post!” If you’ve ever wanted to listen to us sound like Rick Dees or a member of a Morning Zoo, these are the shows for you. And luckily, Adam doesn’t ruin any of it by participating.

This should hold you newbies over until the next batch of suggestions.

(Can you say, “Transformers almost destroyed friendships?” I knew that you could.)

Thanks for supporting The Scope and keep on listening!

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