Under The Scope | Movie Review: Vacation (2015)

Hey, Scope fans! It’s vacation time again! No, that doesn’t mean your favorite Scope hosts are disappearing for a few more weeks in August. We’re talking about the new Ed Helms summer movie, Vacation.

If the title is familiar, it should be. Vacation is a continuation of the extremely popular Chevy Chase series of the 80s. This time around, Rusty Griswold is the man in charge, and he’s taking his family on a cross-country adventure to Wally World, just like he did when he was a teen.

Yeah, it’s been done before. But the question is, can this formula work for modern day audiences? Well, take a listen (or watch, if you are so inclined) to this latest summer movie review from Jared and Shane. They’ll tell you if this holiday road (see what I did there?) is a road worth traveling. Again.

The Scope The Vacation movie review is sad Cousin Eddie didn’t make the trip.

2 ¼ Stars – Vacation

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