Under The Scope | Movie Review: Let’s Be Cops

In the latest Scope summer movie review, Jared and Shane take on Let’s Be Cops, the Jake Johnson/Damon Wayans Jr. New Girl spinoff movie.  Well, it isn’t exactly a spinoff…but you can’t blame us for our confusion.

Let’s Be Cops is about two lovable losers that pretend to be real police officers…and get into all sorts of hijinks and shenanigans. (Like you didn’t see that coming, right?) While the plot might be predictable, did Jake, Damon, and director Luke Greenfield put enough other great things into the movie to garner some Scope love?

Watch and/or listen to the latest Scope movie review and find out!

The Scope Let’s Be Cops review missed Winston, Jess, and Schmidt.

2 ¼ Stars – Let’s Be Cops

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