Under The Scope | Movie Review: Inside Out

In what one might consider a small miracle, Scope host Shane convinced other Scope host Jared to go to a theater and watch a “kids movie.”

How’d he do that, you ask?

Well, because the film was Inside Out, a Pixar animated joint written and directed by local hometown hero, Pete Doctor. He’s one of us, as Minnesotans would say.

Basically, Jared had no choice in the matter.

So fire up your podcast player or your YouTube and find out what the Scope thinks of this star-studded, already critically-acclaimed film. Chances are high they liked it. (We know you can see the Scope score if you are reading this. We’re not thick.)

The Scope Inside Out movie review forgot any core memory concerning the third Scope host…who was that guy?

3 ¾ Stars – Inside Out

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