Under The Scope | Movie Review: Birdman

Oscar season may have kicked off with Michael Keaton’s new film, Birdman. And your Scope crew (sans Adam) are right on it, reviewing the heck out of the movie.

Birdman tells the tale of a washed up movie star who gambles everything on a Broadway play in which he wrote, directed, and starred. And, just for fun, he’s being followed/taunted by Birdman, the superhero he played (with great financial success) twenty years earlier. Yeah, this guy might be a little nuts.

That’s just one part of this complicated and intriguing film. But the real question is this: did The Scope like it? Well, get to clicking and find out already!

The Scope Birdman movie review is waiting for a Birdman song parody (done to the tune of Spoonman, of course.)

3 Stars – Birdman

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