Scope Instant Review: Les Misérables

The latest entry in The Scope’s Winter Film Binge nearly killed Jared and Shane with over two hours of constant singing. Yes, we’re talking about the cinematic adaptation of a bunch of french dudes’ Les Misérables. Jackman, Crowe, and Hathaway singtalk their way through the trials and tribulations of early 19th century France. What that means is a lot of revolution, creepy prostitutes, and crawling through fecal rivers. Perfect subject matter for a Christmas day release! (At least no one from the cast of Girlfriends had a cameo in the film.)

Download this instant review and find out if Jared and Shane walked out of the theater feeling mighty or miserable. (Hint: it’s miserable. But that’s what makes it fun, everyone!)

The Scope Les Misérables review would never clap after someone finishes a song in a movie. They can’t hear you, people.

1 Stars – Les Misérables

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