Scope Instant Review: Jack Reacher

Much like Tom Cruise, The Scope is back in theaters (like Tom Cruise, just like we said earlier in the sentence) with another review for the Winter Film Binge. This time around, it’s the aforementioned Cruise’s latest action/thriller, Jack Reacher. Crazy couch-jumping/Oprah-electrocuting Tom plays a super (former) military detective trying to solve a most vicious crime. And the lesson learned from this film is simple: two dudes attacking a guy in a bathtub will only lead to a Three Stooges scene. But with slightly more forced headbutts.

So what did Jared and Shane think of this film, exactly? You’ll have to download this podcast and find out, homeys.

The Scope Jack Reacher review wouldn’t chew off fingers for anybody.

1 ¾ Stars – Jack Reacher

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