Scope Instant Review: Hitchcock

Good evening, Scope Faithful. Today we bring you another installment in the wildly-popular Autumn Film Blast series. The film going under the Scope microscope is Hitchcock, which, sadly, has nothing to do with either Will Smith movie with “hitch” in the title. Maybe next time, Scopers.

Instead, some know-it-all producer thought people might want to see a picture about one of the most famous filmmakers of all time. And, while that producer was at it, he’d throw in some bits about the making of one of the most notable horror pictures of all time. Basically, there’s a lot of “of all time” in this review. Luckily, Jared and Shane are tough enough to make sure it happens. So buckle up for a short (but sweet) Scope Special Edition.

The Scope Hitchcock review has a Groupon for the Bates Motel. Perfect for a romantic night away from the kids, right? Right?

2 ½ Stars – Hitchcock

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