Episode 96: It’s All About Assaulting The *CENSORED* (And Jared Turns Another Year Older)

It’s a familiar formula: take a Scope host’s birthday, throw in a party and some blueberry-flavored vodka, set up a handful of mics, and push the big red “record” button on the computer.

And what comes out of it? A big old Scope mega-mess. But in the best way possible.

Yes, it was Scope host Jared’s party (he didn’t cry, but he could have if he wanted to) and that meant one thing: drunken recording with a bunch of his closest friends (yes, that means Adam was nowhere to be found.) It also meant a truncated show without most of the Scope filler you’ve come to love.

Still, we made the effort to whip up another edition of “Scope Pyramid” (without the lovable Dick Clark) as well as give you a sampling of Under The Scope. We can’t guarantee it was a good show, but we will go on record and say it was shorter than most episodes. And that’s what the world needs…just a little less Scope.

Hey, who’s writing this stuff, anyway?

The Scope Episode 96 knows that Shane ain’t funny but still loves him unconditionally. Group hug, bitches!

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One Comment on “Episode 96: It’s All About Assaulting The *CENSORED* (And Jared Turns Another Year Older)”
  1. Adam Lazlo said:
    September 21st, 2010 11:02 PM

    Short but sweeeeet 🙂

    Great to hear Earl smackin’ his gums on behalf of us in-kin-uber-geeks! No America’s Got Talent warp-up? So many summer shows finished up their seasons while this next season of fodder has been shivved into our sides. Still have no desire to “witness the Event”, still loving Parenthood, and now shifting toward “Biggest Loser”, just cuz. I finally fell in love with both “How I Met Your Mother” and “The Big Bang Theory”; great, healthy, character development.

    Anyway, keep it up! I got your back.