Episode 93: The Afterglow with Rants & Raves, Verbal Punctuation, and Valification

This episode of The Scope is kind of like the moments immediately after a tremendous night of passion. It’s all good, but not as good as the time right before you are lying in bed, spent. (Or that’s what we imagine it would be like…since we’re nerds and obviously not all that well-versed in the world of night passion.)

See, we’re coming off of two excellent episodes of your favorite podcast. We’re talking about shows great guests, fun games, and mucho effort. So with #93, it was time to reload, relax, and get back to basics. That means A LOT of talking. And since we’re clearly experts in the world of deep-sea oil drilling and ocean currents, we focused our time on the tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico.

To balance out the seriousness of it all, we also rap about a couple of summer movies and we start to help Adam pick a wedding date. He really should get a tux with ruffles, right? And with all, you’d expect the show to be brief. If you think that, you clearly haven’t been listening all that long. Shame on you.

The Scope episode 93 doesn’t pity the fool, but it does fool the pity. Quit your jibba jabba.

3 Β½ Stars – Toy Story 3
3 Stars – The A-Team

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One Comment on “Episode 93: The Afterglow with Rants & Raves, Verbal Punctuation, and Valification”
  1. Gary said:
    July 31st, 2010 5:01 PM


    Just kidding.

    oil spill. Is a Big deal. Just isn’t quite nerdy enough. Shane, if you want your nerd cred back, you need to do something asap. πŸ™‚