Episode 90: Adam Adam And Cult Jam, The Smoke Monster, And Some Nasty Super Crabs

Nothing says “The Scope” like a good case of genital lice. In honor of that fact, your favorite podcasting hosts take a nit comb to the television program that is “Lost.” That’s right. “Lost” is ending and The Scope had to do what no other media outlet had done: give a full retrospective on the second best show Matthew Fox has ever done. (The first being “Party of Five.” Sorry we had to spell out the joke. But with our listeners, you just can’t assume anything.)

No, it ain’t original. But it did give us the opportunity to utilize one of the best soundboards ever created by man.

If total “Lost” coverage wasn’t enough, we also brought back a proper Scope music review. With sound clips and everything!!! Next thing you know, we’ll actually start doing prep work for the show. Hey, anything can happen.

The Scope episode 90 is fully backing the Nano Play concept.


1 ½ Stars – Night TrainKeane

Scope Sounds:
“Your Friend Wil” – MC Frontalot

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2 Comments on “Episode 90: Adam Adam And Cult Jam, The Smoke Monster, And Some Nasty Super Crabs”
  1. Not Gary said:
    May 25th, 2010 6:52 PM

    I’m so getting caught up this week. Just finished episode 85.

    You know what would be awesome. If you had that great voiced Gary back on the show.

  2. Gary said:
    May 31st, 2010 8:25 PM

    Loved your discussion of Lost. Curious to see what you thought of the finale, and then a look back at the whole series. Did the series conclude appropriately for you?

    I loved it. (see our facebook group for all discussions “LOST”).

    And now I’m all caught up.