Episode 228: Batman v Superman v The Scope

The most important super hero event of 2016 (at least to DC and WB) is here! Batman and Superman face off in a battle that holds the fate of planet Earth in their hands! (How’s that for hyperbole?) And your Scope hosts by the names of Jared and Shane are going to tell you how it all went down.

Yeah, it’s a shame Adam couldn’t be in on the fun…but he’s still lost in the woods looking for that one last hidden Easter egg.

So the question remains: will your Scope guys pile on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice like so many others or will they come at it with a more reasoned, rational viewpoint? The only way to find out: watch or listen to the latest episode of The Scope…RIGHT NOW!

The Scope episode 228 wants to see The Great Filet in 70mm, like right now.

2 ¾ Stars – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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