Episode 195: Pat Smear and The Jelly-whatevers

Episode 195 of the Scope is all about what Jared, Adam, and Shane are into. This time around, the guys cover podcasts, music, and books. Because they’ll multifaceted and deep and stuff. (But don’t get too crazy: the podcasts are about wrestling. The music is popular. And the book is sci-fi.)

Still, it’s a solid bunch of stuff within a pretty solid edition of The Scope. So digest it at your earliest convenience, human!

The Scope episode 195 is the master of the figure four leg cast.

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One Comment on “Episode 195: Pat Smear and The Jelly-whatevers”
  1. Luke Ski said:
    November 26th, 2014 11:59 PM

    I can’t remember if you guys have yet talked about which of your predicted Fall TV shows got cancelled first. But in a sort-of related comment…

    Half-way through episode 6, I gave up on “Mulaney”. The only two people on that show who can act are the SNL alums. John Mulaney is a great stand-up, but everything he says playing the character of himself on this show sounds fake. Motif is cliche, and Andre the modern-version-of-hipster-Kramer is obvious and forced and doesn’t work. The whole thing feels like it was originally meant to be a parody of 90’s comedian sitcoms, but it doesn’t follow through on it and is instead trying to pass as just another one of those kind of sitcoms. I honestly felt foolish watching the show and embarrassed for the cast. Martin Short is a God to me, but even my love of him can’t get me to continue to give this show a chance. TiVo Season pass cancelled.

    – Luke Ski,
    guy who pretty much loves everything he watches