Episode 135: 2012 Year In Review

2013 is almost upon us. The Mayans were wrong (gasp!) and The Scope pushes on for one last show in the year of 2012. That can mean only one thing: The Scope’s World Famous Year In Review episode!

Yes, yes, yes, Jared, Adam, and even Shane take a few minutes before the ball drops to tell the world what they think of the best TV, movies, music, and other stuff of the past 365 days. It’s an emotional look back at the year of terrific pop culture. Hopefully no awkward Culture Club soundbites will be played.

While a thorough wrap-up of the year’s best would be enough for anyone, they guys also decide to take on a gigantic challenge for the year ahead of them. Yes, it’s pop-culture related. Yes, it’s nostalgically-focused. And yes, it’ll be done fully-clothed 84.3% of the time. But you’ll have to listen to find out what these jokers have planned! It’s big, people.

Finally, we here at The Scope wish all our listeners a Happy New Year. Let’s make 2013 a joyous, peaceful, and safe one, shall we?

The Scope episode 135 secretly knows 2013 will still be all about Gangnam Style. That’s a fad that will never, ever be defeated.

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