Episode 133: Catching Up With The Curvaceous Porterhouse

On this episode of The Scope, Jared, Shane, (and mostly) Adam, take a look back at some recent events in their lives. What does this mean to you guys, the loyal Scope listeners? It means tales of Black Thursday/Friday, brown shoe polish kits, colonoscopy prep, and some serious video game discussion. There was so much going on that your Scope hosts had to leave stuff for future shows. Be still your hearts.

The guys also look a quick look back at the Autumn Film Blast (in case you missed all of the special edition podcasts pelting you over the past few months.) Newsflash: they saw some great films and not-so-great films. Crazy, right?

So get ready, Scope faithful. Because different orange and blue always equal purple, at least in Adam’s broken eyes. Also, this is a good show. So listen, won’t you?

The Scope episode 133 is all about doing it Dino Style.

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