Episode 132: McMahon, McGrits, and McStar Wars

After a semi-long break, Jared, Adam, and Shane return to cover a couple of topics. One was some election of some sort, the other was MORE STAR WARS MOVIES!!! We’ll let you judge which one is more important to the future of our great country.

If that wasn’t enough (and trust us, there’s never enough Scope) the guys also talk up another instant review. This time it’s Disney’s Non-Pixar computer animated film, Wreck-It Ralph. Spoiler Alert: you will not find any characters from the classic coin-op game, Double Dragon. Feel free to light the torches and storm the castle at your earliest convenience.

The Scope episode 132 is still working on the judging panel for The Southern Voice. Sorry NBC, the idea is ours.

2 ¾ Stars – Wreck-It Ralph

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One Comment on “Episode 132: McMahon, McGrits, and McStar Wars”
  1. Keith from StC said:
    November 25th, 2012 9:04 PM

    Another great episode guys!
    I hope it isn’t just me, but I hear nothing but sarcasm in your final sound clip “..Jared, Adam and Shane will return with another THRILLING episode..”
    Not only does Tony always get the last word, but it sounds like he’s always mocking you as well.

    Anyways, you boys honestly have the best podcast on the web. Might be that I live in your general area of the US, or that I have the same interests, or same political/social values, same sense of humor .. well, keep up the great work!

    Keith from StC

    p.s. Shane still hasn’t followed up on his former classmate and her super secret drama.