Episode 113: 2011 North Shore Spectacular

The Scope show is back…with one…no, two…no, three MAJOR twists!

Twist #1: In the first time in modern Scope history, Scope superstar Jared was not one of the hosts of the show. And, as usual, Adam isn’t hosting, either. But you expected that, right?

Twist #2: In the first time in modern Scope history, the entire show was recorded over a series of five days at the North Shore of Lake Superior! We’re talking about the place where Scope host Shane takes his annual family vacation.

Twist #3: In the first time in Modern Scope history, Scope Music Aficionado Al sits in as the singular co-host of the show!

So what do all these twists mean to you, the loyal Scope listener? Well, it means the same great Scope content in a decidedly lo-fi format. But that’s what happens when you “rough it.” That being said, there still might be some Scope show surprises! (Might Jared and Adam might just make appearances at some point during the show? Tune in and find out!) And never underestimate the moxie of Al and Shane when it comes to getting in tons of sound effects and music into the show…even if they are recording using two tin cans and a string.

So sit back, fire-up your podcasting playing device, and listen to a “Very Special/Rustic” episode of The Scope!

The Scope episode 113 may be a week late, but it’s not seven dollars short. It’s vacation time, yo. Just chillz.

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