Episode 111: Captain N, The Bionic 6, and Kidd Video Walk Into a Bar…

Because The Scope is (are) experts in the field of milking/reusing/destroying pop culture bits, Jared, Adam, and Shane “revisit” the forgotten pop culture gems first featured in the now classic 103rd episode of your favorite podcast. This can only mean one thing: suffocating coverage of a handful of 80s cartoons that, let’s face it, probably didn’t age very well.

This marathon episode also takes aim (again) at the wreck that was Green Lantern: The Motion Picture, the annual pilgrimage to the great Minnesota geek orgy known as CONvergence, and the awesome movie quotes of Wayne Knight, Richard Attenborough, and Jeff Goldblum. Yes, we’re talkin’ ’bout Jurassic Park, bitches. And, as an added extra bonus, your favorite hosts try desperately to verbally construct the most offensive costume ever. Let The Scope know if it has even come close.

Closed Circuit to Luke Ski: You’ve been assigned a task. Please don’t let us down. The world depends on it. So do animated Egon lovers everywhere!

The Scope Episode 111 wonders why threadless.com hasn’t gotten back to us on our “Adam is Dunn” t-shirt idea.

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