Episode 103: Uniting the magic root/Dividing the fanbase

Once again, it’s that time of year. That means in depth Scope discussions on the biggest pigskin game of the year and on classic 80s cartoons with subject matter revolving around flora (but not fauna.)

Of, course we’re talkin’ ’bout The Super Bowl. This year, it’s especially important because the Packers, arch-rivals to The Scope’s favored team, the Vikings, are one of the competitors. Since we’re very much like FOX News (fair and balanced, yo) we’ve invited a Packer superfan into the conversation. And of course, fondue-related hilarity ensues.

And to make our greek brethren happy, we also tackle long-forgotten pop culture gems(?) from our past. What this means to you: an awesome 80s cartoon theme song about angry veggies and a shameful ripoff of the awesome Double Dare.

Finally, we review an album from a band we’ve never heard of. Why? Because our listener DEMANDED it. Who says we’re not fan-friendly?

The Scope episode 103 knows a lot about Dinosaucers and Kidd Video but refuses to disclose that information at this time.

Super Bowl predictions
Jared: Packers, 35-24
Adam: Packers, 38-31
Shane: Packers, 31-24 *closest to actual score*
Isaac (Special Cheese Head Guest): Packers, 24-20


2 ½ Stars – Get SharpThe Limousines

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“Find The Time” – Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

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