Episode 100: A Grand Celebration of The World’s 76th Greatest Podcast

Well, it took four and a half years and ninety nine shows (plus a bunch of others not counted as “official”) but we finally made it to the magical triple digits. Yeah, we know people wanted 100 episodes of The Scope like they wanted eight seasons of “According To Jim,” but Adam, Jared, and Shane soldiered on despite the haters.

For our very special 100th episode, we decided to mine the past for all of our favorite comedic bits and as well as ask many of The Scope’s terrific guests to come back and wax poetic on their experiences with the show. And just for fun, we also talk to some very special celebrity guests*, all congratulating The Scope on reaching such a lofty benchmark.

If that wasn’t enough, we force Adam to run the gauntlet that is the now-classic “Under The Scope,” just because it wouldn’t be a celebration without a little more of Adam’s cynicism and lackadaisical news reading. And it wouldn’t be a true Scope show if the show length wasn’t close to four hours. It’s called “padding it up,” people.

And, finally, everyone here at The Scope just want to thank all of our friends, family, and fans for their years of support. We still aren’t sure why we’ve done the show this long, we do know that we wouldn’t have been able to do it without you guys. Thanks, everyone!

The Scope episode 100 doesn’t care that Adam only appeared on 36 shows. It’s quantity, not quality, right?

*We cannot confirm or deny if The Scope episode 100 actually features real-life celebrities.

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