Solo: A Star Wars Story — Under The Scope | Movie Review

It’s been a long time (but not in a galaxy far, far away) when a Star Wars film was released in the summer. But in 2018, Solo: A Star Wars Story, is going back to the old-school way of doing things.

And your Scope hosts, Jared and Shane, couldn’t be happier! Getting a chance to see a Star Wars films days before it’s released is rare…but the real question is if this Ron Howard directed film can overcome all the bad production mojo and internet haters. Well, take a listen to this very special Scope movie review and find out!

The Scope Solo: A Star Wars Story review thinks Chewie is the real star.

3 ¾ Stars – Solo: A Star Wars Story

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Deadpool 2 — Under The Scope | Movie Review

The merc with the mouth is back on the big screen…and your favorite Scope hosts (Jared and Shane, naturally) are on the review trail…even if they are a little late!

Of course, we’re talking about Deadpool 2. Can Ryan Reynolds and company strike comedic and superhero lightning twice? Well, listen to the review and find out, why don’t you?

The Scope Deadpool 2 review is from Mojoworld.

3 ¼ Stars – Deadpool 2

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Episode 275: The Nerd Swiss-Roundtable

In this JaredAdam edition of The Scope, Shane goes down the Roseanne rabbit hole, Jared is more excited about Deadpool than dinosaurs, and Adam secretly wants to spell laser with the letter z.

The Scope episode 275 is pronounced “sim-BYE-oat.

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