Under The Scope | Movie Review: Black Panther

The first Scope movie review of 2018 just happens to be one of the most anticipated Marvel movies in quite some time. Yes, yes, it’s Black Panther! Everyone wants to know: will Jared and Shane love the first real cinematic story dedicated to the Wakandan king? Why don’t you listen in on this thoughtful, insightful, and altogether awesome audio review and find out?

The Scope Black Panther review never can remember Forest Whitaker’s name whilst under pressure.

3 ½ Stars – Black Panther

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Episode 270: The Scope Essentials: Nintendo 64

In this retro video game edition of The Scope, Shane knows, to this day, it was all his Mario Party skill, Jared knows snowboard and jet skis made the Nintendo 64 awesome, and special guest host John knows Diddy Kong rises above all kart racers.

The Scope episode 270 wishes Perfect Dark was really a proper GoldenEye sequel.

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