Weekly Tweets for 2009-07-19

  • Game-changing news: The Scope records one day earlier than usual this cycle. And it will be a more intimate show than usual. WOW! #fb #
  • J: It’s almost go time for us to record The Scope 77. We record on Friday, yet we make you wait until Monday to hear it. Jerks. #scope #fb #
  • J: Is villianized a word? #scope #fb #

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Weekly Tweets for 2009-07-12

  • J: I’m waiting for my remote batteries to recharge so I can watch The Tudors while downloading and assembling messages for The Scop.. #fb #
  • J: Wow! Only 57 messages to sort through for content. This could take a while. #scope #fb #
  • While I am excited to see Green Day this weekend, why couldn’t Franz F. or KAISER CHIEFS be the opener? The Bravery = not my thing. #fb #
  • J: I really wish I could include in The Scope #cvg2009 special some of the stuff that recorded after Earl thought he hung up the ph.. #fb #
  • J: I’m *this* close to outputting an MP3 file for @thescopeshow’s CONvergence episode. I hope it doesn’t suck. #scope #cvg2009 #fb #

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Episode 76: Cell Phones + Vodka x Dr. Horrible Costumes = The Scope at CONvergence

In an unbelievably daring move, your Scope hosts made the cunning decision to cover our annual trek to Minnesota’s biggest sci-fi convention in an unconventional way. This year…we phoned it in…literally (or is that figuratively?) The entire show was delivered via The Scope voicemail line. It’s an uncensored, unfiltered look at four days of geeky fun.

And just to make it interesting, we forced other con-goers besides Jared and Shane to dial in and voice their drunken opinions on all of the festivities.

CONvergence 2009 may be a distant memory, but now you can experience it for the first time (right along with Adam!)

Episode 76 is digging beer pong and the free “zombie snot” shots at the Con.

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CONvergence 2009 Recap

Your Scope hosts survived another CONvergence. I think we all had a lot of fun, and there were many calls into the voicemail line — although how many were not from us or friends of the show remains to be heard.

Although it would be nice to have our special CVG episode posted now for everyone to experience, it’s going to take some time to assemble. No doubt some of the calls will be in need of some audio massage to get them ready to assemble. Please be patient while we put it together for you.

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Weekly Tweets for 2009-07-05

  • Now that we’ve gotten Transformers out of the way, GIJoe is next on the list of destroying Hasbro franchises. Next: My Little Pony. #fb #
  • TF2 falls short of 5-day box office record. Shane and Jared credited for failure by taking The Spielbay Challenge. http://bit.ly/9DKxk #fb #
  • #cvg2009 is almost here! Look for posters at the con for instructions on how you can participate in The Scope’s CONvergence coverage. #fb #
  • @kevthuhu The codpieces we ordered ended up being too small, so sadly, no. #cvg2009 in reply to kevthuhu #
  • J: The Scope Instant Poll: Can you use the word YouTube as a verb? Sound off! #scope #fb #
  • Everyone send a prayer out to @budsharpe. He’s going to have a ton of fun constructing a new Scope show from all the voicemail calls. #fb #

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The Scope at CONvergence 2009

The Scope will be returning to CONvergence again this year! However, our approach to content will be a little different.

We’ve decided to leverage our voicemail line to give power to the people. We want to hear your stories about CONvergence — prefereably as they happen. Here’s how it works:


Enter 70055 at the extension prompt.


Don’t leave out any details.



We’re also advertising our “Find These Guys, Win a Prize” campaign. Basically, if you find us at the con, we’ll ask you questions, and you’ll win a cheap prize.

That’s the deal, folks. We hope to see a lot of you there. And remember: the fate of our show relies on you!

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Special Edition: The Scope Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen Review

We almost didn’t, but the advance word was so bad that we had to endure Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen for you, our precious listeners (I hope that sentence didn’t spoil our verdict). Plus, I think you guys were expecting us to review the film, and we do as we’re told.

Join Jared and Shane — Adam had the good sense to stay away — as they dissect every last tender morsel of Michael Bay‘s latest opus with special guests fan-favorite Earl and the great Luke Ski. Oh, and Nathan was there too, waggling his tongue and swigging Baileys Irish Cream the whole time.

One more thing: you might notice the din of a party in the background. This party is not in celebration of Michael Bay and his cinematic achievement; that’s just how we roll.

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Episode 75: Hitler G-strings Rumble Balls

On this edition of The Scope, we invite two not-so show regulars to stop by for some crazy fun. For those of you that must know, we’re talking about Possible Oscar‘s bass humping fiend, Nathan (sorry, no video online to demonstrate video here!), and Guns N’ Roses’ stalker (GNR was a hip band in the late 80s and early 90s…look em up, whippersnappers) Mike.

These two “gentlemen” were kind enough to play in our first official “Geek Match Game.” You know how we roll: we steal ideas from long-established concepts and then throw in some questions about G.I.Joe and virginity to make the thing our own. Good times.

We also steal from ourselves by bringing Jared’s Micro-Reviews from Twitter into the actual show. Talk about cross-synergy!

And finally, another huge shout-out to Mike. He was insane demented generous enough to sponsor the very historic 75th episode of our labor of love. Mike, you can ride on the G-String Shuttle anytime you want.

3 starsSlash by Slash and Anthony Bozza – 3 Stars
4 starsSeattle – 4 stars
3 3/4 starsPrototype – Windows – 3 ¾ Stars
3 starsBurnout Paradise – Xbox 360 – 3 Stars
3 1/4 starsDead Set – 3 ¼ Stars

Scope Sounds:
“It’s Not Too Late” – Triple Cobra

ep75-art1 ep75-art2

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Episode 74: Black Light, Gray Light, White Light

The 74th episode gives a big middle finger to the morning crew of KDWB (yeah, we’re looking at you, David Ryan) by completely ripping off a bit they’ve been doing for the past couple of weeks. That being said, they don’t have Scope Music Expert, Al, in studio to help them out like we do. And, as we all know, anytime Al stops by, everything in the world is A-OK.

And in an unusual twist of events, your Scope crew reviews TWO summer movies. Unfortunately for Adam, one of them isn’t the Nia Vardalos vehicle, My Life in Ruins.



3 1/2 starsUp – 3 1/2 Stars
2 starsThe Hangover – 2 stars

Scope Sounds:
“Haterz and Robotz” – Zeale

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Episode 73: The 2008-2009 TV Year in Review

The TV season is over, so naturally it’s time for us to talk about it. It’s a full boat for the discussions as Molly, Scooter, and even Adam are in the house with plenty of opinion to toss around regarding the hits and misses of this past season.

We also managed to see another big summer blockbuster film — don’t get used to it. Eventually we’ll crash and burn and leave you, the poor listener, without significant and timely movie-related content.


2 1/2 starsGreen Day21st Century Breakdown – 2 1/2 stars
2 3/4 starsTerminator Salvation – 2 3/4 stars
3 starsNight at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian – 3 stars (reviewed by Molly)

Scope Sounds:
“Let Me Go On” – Seabird

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