Episode 80: The 4th Annual Fall TV Preview

The latest episode of The Scope brings equal doses of pleasure and pain. Adam is back in studio, while Molly had to bow out of her appearance due to “scheduling conflicts.” We’ll let you decide which event corresponds with the good and bad.

To make up for this unforeseen dichotomy, we bring you The 4th Annual Fall TV Preview with gusto and grit. Yes, our expert Molly wasn’t able to sit in on this important event. But we overcame it with many references to Matthew McConaughey (Patchouli and Texas?!?) as well as Jared’s love mild dislike loathing of TV’s Amy Poehler.

Finally, just to make it seem like a full show, we do timely reviews of a TV show on DVD  that has been out for some time and a video game featuring a musical band that some (Adam) call “overrated.” No, it’s not Ace of Base. Although Ace of Base: Rock Band seems like a solid concept for a game, right?

Good times. Good times. (Repeated for comedic impact.)

3 ¼ Stars – Flight of the Conchords: The Complete Second Season
Video Games
3 ½ Stars – The Beatles: Rock Band – Xbox 360
3 ½ Stars – Batman: Arkham Asylum – Xbox 360

Scope Sounds:
“Rock Is FTW!” – Possible OscarDownload for free at The FuMP

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Episode 79: The Mysterious Case of Matrices, Dirty Sanchezies, and the Missing Square Root of 64

After months of harassment from N.O.W., we finally let another woman co-host the show who isn’t named Molly. Kerri (with a K) stops by to fill in for an A.W.O.L. Adam and prove that superfans can actually make it on the show. Only in America.

We also bring back “North Shore Trivia,” a classic (because we say it is) Scope show bit. It’s made even better by listening to Kerri squirm as we force her to answer the questions. Keep in mind, she’s practically a genius. Or that’s what she tells us.

We also hammer out three solid reviews including one for Quentin’s latest film. You gotta love the giant pipe, yes? Or is that, “Ja?”

The Scope Episode 79 isn’t intimidated by anything named, “Sloshdat.”


3 ¼ Stars – Old Familiar FriendBrendan Benson
3 Stars – Leverage – TNT Wednesday 9/8c
3 ¾ Stars – Inglourious Basterds

Scope Sounds:
“Heads Up, Hearts Down” – I Fight Dragons

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Episode 78: Adam And His Amazing Bladder

Much to the disappointment of nearly everyone in the podcasting community, this episode marks the return of The Scope after our one month summer hiatus. We may sound a little rusty this time around…but who are we kidding? We usually sound a little rusty.

Speaking of Rusty, we give tribute to 80s movie maker John Hughes (Rusty was the name of the son in Hughes’ National Lampoon’s Vacation; look it up, slackers) and Adam is too lazy to come into the studio but more than willing to monopolize the first part of the show talking about his latest travel disaster. Yes, it was even in the news.

Speaking of disasters (see how we’re doing it?) we review the G.I.Joe movie as well as spend a little time with new Scope show-regular Mike talking about the history and trivia of the Joe Universe.

Speaking of the Joe Universe, we also give a nearly-instant review of District 9 (Hmm. That transition didn’t work nearly so well.)

That’s a lot of content for one Scope show. Show your appreciation by listening with glee, sending comments and voicemails, and reviewing us in iTunes. Oh, hell, become a fan of us in Facebook while you are at it.

1 ½ Stars – G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
3 ½ Stars – District 9

Scope Sounds:
“This Ballad of G.I. Joe” – Funny or Die

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Final G.I. Joe Commentary from Spielbay

The final G.I. Joe PSA video is now available.

Will you see the movie anyway? Yeah, we probably will too.

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More G.I. Joe Commentary From Spielbay

Spielbay is doing important work. This video explains how to handle the side effects of watching G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

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Spielbay Returns To Mock G.I. Joe

While you wait for us to return from summer break, enjoy the latest from Spielbay.

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Weekly Tweets for 2009-08-02

  • Great deal: Street Fighter IV for X360 $19.99 at GameStop. http://bit.ly/s6WCk #fb #
  • J: TwitteReview: Entourage S4: Funny, but the formula is wearing thin. Characters lack depth. Ari yells…a lot. ??¾ http://bit.ly/XHwei #fb #
  • J: TwitteReview: Party Down: Brilliantly cast. Razor-sharp humor. Can’t wait for the next season.???½ http://bit.ly/4oG3JW #fb #

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Weekly Tweets for 2009-07-26

  • The web site is down at the moment. Investigation commencing. Stay tuned for updates. #fb #
  • Site is back up. It’s slow at the moment. Be patient. #fb #
  • J: Shane and I will be on Zero Hour with @johnnorton this evening. #scope #fb #
  • We’re in a holding pattern with @johnnorton. Waiting for Zero Hour to begin. Talking about the future which looks bright. Gotta wear shades. #
  • Adam loves Zero Hour more than The Scope. It’s true. #fb #
  • RT: @JohnNorton: Zero Hour 10: Crotch-Grabbing Rage with myself, @shaanep, @budsharpe is now up! http://bit.ly/MAaUa #fb #

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Scope News Alert: It’s a Good News Bad News Kind of Thing

Attention all Scopeamaniacs!

We know you can’t get enough of our Scope antics, so we graciously accepted Scope-friend John Norton’s invitation to participate in the latest episode of “Zero Hour with John Norton.” Find out if we can figure out non-typical areas for comb-overs. Find out if Adam actually makes an effort to appear on someone else’s podcast over his own. And find out if John Norton can masterfully edit down the ramblings of three crazy Minnesotans. Personally, we hope he can. What are you waiting for? Start listening now.

Also, it is that time of year again when summer impacts our schedule. That means we won’t be recording a new show next week. We’ll be sure to let you know when episode 78 is on the docket.

Thanks for listening. From our hearts to yours. Thump thump thump….

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Episode 77: Nerd Roundtable For Two

Shane and Jared have the place to themselves, and they settle in for a roundtable discussion of all the happenings in entertainment news — as long as you consider two topics to be all the happenings in entertainment news. Also, we talk about cats for a long time. Cats, cats, cats, cats, cats. The Internets love cats.

Plus: Shane reads the News, and Jared does a passable job of reading the Coming Soon, but completely fails to hit the post.

3 1/2 Stars – The TudorsShowtime
3 Stars – Taken
3 1/2 Stars – Green Day – Live, July 11, 2009

Scope Sounds:
“The Push” – The Seedy Seeds

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